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KidsExcel Academy 

Welcome to the KidsExcel Academy! 

Held on Saturday mornings, each child will enjoy 3 hours of enriching fun and meaningful learning activities from Sports to Enrichment Programmes.


Over 3000 kids have benefited from the KidsExcel Programme since 2013.











The KidsExcel Academy is coming to Wellington Primary in 2019.

The KidsExcel programme within the academy is a year-long, holistic and values-driven enrichment programme suitable for  Primary 1 to 4 pupils.


Open to children from the Sembawang community, parents looking to keep their children engaged and developed holistically can look forward to the Academy's offerings on Saturday mornings.

The Curriculum

Rich learning experiences are designed with the belief that children are active learners. The values-based curriculum is designed in consultation with academics who are experts in their respective subjects and areas.


Values and character development are explicitly taught through rich discussions based on scenarios so as to enable children to make connections to the real world and understand and concretise the values. Differentiated instruction is used as the underlying pedagogical approach in order to deliver a curriculum that matches the pace of the learning needs of the pupils.


Being a values-driven programme, the programme aims to “catch” pupils displaying these values and their behaviour is highlighted to their peers. Such an approach aims to not only build self-confidence in a child but also gives to give them a taste of success.


Children demonstrate a mastery of the basics of the English language and Mathematical concepts as they communicate, present ideas and interact confidently with their peers in the programme.

We believe in creating a fun environment that stimulates and challenges every pupil to ensure that they leave with a positive experience. Through our tailored sports programme, we aim to guide and help our pupils build their characters and develop physically.


We strongly believe that fundamental movement skills (FMS), which are the building blocks for complex and specific skills needed for life-long participation in sports, games and recreational activities, are essential to a child's physical development. Through our experience, children who are competently equipped with fundamental movement skills have developed a better fitness and greater confidence in themselves. Hence, our different sports academies follow a curriculum that priorities helping a child to develop FMS.


Besides skills acquisition, the Academy will provide a platform for each child to develop their full potential by giving them the opportunities to be challenged via yearly sports competitions organised nationally.


Our Sports Academies are led by experienced and qualified instructors who have a minimum of 3 years of experience. The instructors who will also serve as mentors and build the camaraderie and identity of the cohort. Instructors are an additional source of inspiration for any disengaged children and serve as disciplinarians to ensure pupils take ownership of their own development (e.g. completion of homework, classroom behaviour) before allowed further participation.



Our Programmes

Our Programmes


The Mathematics curriculum aims to inculcate in students a positive attitude towards Mathematics.



The English Curriculum emphasises the learning of language in an authentic environment.

Fluiiq, English Language and Writing


The Sports Academy targets to develop talents and build teamwork, resilience, sportsmanship through age appropriate competitions!

Sports Academy

Programme Information

Programme info
Discover more programme details, timing and fee here!

Programme day: Saturday 

Time: 8.30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 

Duration: 3 hour lesson (including a 15 minute break)

Venue: Wellington Primary School 

Termly: 11 sessions

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