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On this page, you will be able to learn more about the enrichment programmes we offer for your child

Academic Enrichment

All materials used for our academic enrichment classes have been prepared by experienced educationists and have been guided by our resident experts. 

All tutors for our academic classes have strong resumes and their performance in class is monitored closely. 

All students receive 3 hours of academic enrichment classes every week: 1.5 hrs of English and Mathematics.

Students are banded according to their learning needs to ensure that each child is able to participate effectively in class.

Class sizes are kept small, between 12-15 to ensure that our tutors are able to attend to each child.



Sports Enrichment

All KidsExcel participants receive 3 hours of our sports programme every week.

KidsExcel sports coaches are First-Aid trained and qualified by their relevant sporting bodies to conduct the lessons for our project.

Whilst the emphasis is on building a strong platform for mind and body, this also provides a platform for the children to learn values. 

They develop psycho-motor skills through modified games such such as football, basketball, floorball and other team team sports.

Drama Enrichment

A drama component is included for the 2018 English Curriculum. It is provided by FLY Academy, a professional drama centre founded by the CEO and founder of FLY Entertainment, Irene Ang. The syllabus is co-developed by Tracy Tan. The drama syllabus will concentrate on developing communication and public speaking skills, as well as have movement activities to get the kids comfortable with their body.

This drama enrichment enhances the language and oral presentation of the children, as well as provide valuable opportunities for them to perform in front of other people in order to build up their self-confidence.

This is in line with the KidsExcel belief in building a child’s character by giving them opportunities to develop discipline, courage, purpose, resilience and confidence.

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