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Fluiiq, English Language and Writing 

The English Curriculum emphasises the learning of language in an authentic environment.

There are ample opportunities for children to share and discuss ideas with their peers in the classroom.


It is through these non-threatening and immersive activities that language learning becomes meaningful.

Skills and strategies are also taught in a meaningful context. A values-related theme, eg perseverance, is set for each week.


Students are exposed to thematic comprehension and/or cloze passages pitched at the student’s language ability.


Again, this enables language to be learned in a meaningful and authentic context.

Primary 1 & 2



The Lower Primary Programme aims to build your child’s interest in learning and to adjust to the academic and social demands that are part of formal schooling. Themes serve to build children’s awareness of the world around them and makes learning meaningful.


Basic grammar rules and vocabulary are explored within the context of these themes so that children can deepen their understanding and make the necessary connection between textbook theory and real world application.



Primary 3 & 4

The Middle Primary school programme continues to build children’s mastery in the language and focuses on acquiring the skills to apply knowledge. Themes that are closely aligned to current affairs are introduced and serve as a vehicle for children to master intermediate grammar rules and thematic vocabulary.


Children continue to develop confidence in communication as well as examination skills and techniques through weekly discussions and interactions with teachers and their peers.


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