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Collaborating with like-minded organizations and schools to create meaningful engagement programmes for primary school children.


KidsExcel has a track record spanning 8 years, impacting over

3,000 pupils across Singapore.

 e-KidsExcel is an interactive online learning programme modelled after KidsExcel’s teaching framework and based on MOE's syllabus requirements.


The programme comprises weekly e-learning classes, combined with a strong curriculum framework and dedicated, passionate educators.

We aim to develop Resilient, Confident children who are Motivated Learners.

Programme Components

  • Interactive online enrichment lessons. (Math & Science)

  • e-Libraries of learning resources

  • Coding workshops

  • Learning journeys

  • Community sports league

The programme supports over 100 pupils residing in Nee Soon


Weekly Live
lasses Online 

  • MOE-aligned curriculum

  • small class sizes

  • Tailored to meet academic profile


  • E-library of learning resources

  • Personalised pupil report cards

  • Learning videos and games

Extra Curricular


  • Culinary workshops & excursions at Fullerton Singapore

  • Coding workshops

  • Sports clinics and leagues

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Programme Components