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The Mathematics curriculum aims to inculcate in students a positive attitude towards Mathematics.


We believe that this is crucial in building students’ confidence in the subject and eventually helping them excel in the subject. 

Mathematical concepts are taught by adopting the CPA approach – Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract. 


Students are introduced to the concepts, starting with the pictorial approach and moving to the representational and then to the abstract. 

Primary 1 & 2

Hands-on activities bring mathematical concepts and skills alive in the classroom.  Children acquire useful life skills such as telling time and counting money as they learn Math through discussions, role-plays and games. 


In addition, values like saving money and sharing are discussed and reinforced when teaching Mathematical concepts.  

Primary 3 & 4

The Middle Primary Mathematics Programme focuses on providing the right component-specific skills and techniques that help children demonstrate an application of the content taught. 


The systematic approach enables children to excel academically as they solve and answer Mathematical questions with confidence.

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