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Sports Academy 

AGES 7 TO 10

Kids Excel Academy’s soccer programme introduces the fundamentals of the sport and provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their technical and tactical skills to a higher level. Our annual soccer curriculum has dedicated programmes for every group level and individuals emphasising on a methodology that has been put together by the academy’s highly experienced and qualified coaches.


Kids Excel Academy’s badminton programme is designed for badminton enthusiast of all levels. It follows a curriculum set by our coaches based on their experience gathered from past competition and coaching stints. Our programme focuses on teaching our pupils the correct techniques, improving their physical endurance and motor skills while developing their passion and interest in badminton at the same time.


Looking to develop mental skills, build confidence and improve physical fitness in your child? Kids Excel Academy floorball programme is just what you need. Our floorball programme aims to help children develop and practise the fundamentals of the sport in a challenging but fun environment. Making it enjoyable for players of any skill level. Through floorball, pupils will also develop essential social skills and understand the importance of teamwork by playing together as a team.


Sports Academy 




Coming soon in 2019!


Coming soon in 2019!


Coming soon in 2019!

Sports Academy 



What better way to build teamwork, resilience, sportsmanship and a chance to show their skills and talents by participating in age-appropriate competitions!


Children participating in the various sports academies from 9 years and above will be given the opportunity to participate in yearly sanction age-group competitions to test their skills and more importantly, build on their confidence and learn more about themselves.

Examples of Competitions:

  • Badminton: Alpha Age Group Series

  • Floorball: SNG Youth Floorball Championship U12

  • Soccer: FAS National Futsal age group tournament U10

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